Friday, November 7, 2008

change of plans

Well...guess what?! Our plans are changing slightly. Richard's grandmother in Oklahoma passed away, and Richard was trying to figure out how he could attend the funeral. Making a long story short, we will leave tomorrow for Indianapolis where the kids and I will drop Richard off at the airport. He will fly to be with his mother's family for the funeral, and then return Monday evening or Tuesday morning to Indy. The kids and myself will get to visit (and stay with) my Aunt and Uncle in the Indy area. This also gives me an opportunity to visit another Aunt and cousin in the same area who are interested in the Bogue/Shelley family history...and I have new stuff to share with them, too!....then either Monday night or Tuesday morning, I will pick Richard up from the Indianapolis airport. ....and we will be on our way to WV!! God works in mysterious ways. Isn't this neat that I'll be able to visit my cousin and aunts???? : ) : ) : ) : )
As far as the plumbing job in our's slowly getting finished. Not yet done, but hopefully will be by the time we leave tomorrow. This seems to have gone forever.

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