Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I just had to share that it did not take me very long at all to research Morgantown, WV. There's hardly anything there...and it is surrounded by other mountain towns as small (or smaller) as itself. Pittsburgh is about 50 miles away...I don't know if I want to go that far away by myself (w the kids). Hey! I did find a place called "Farmington, Pennsylvania", which has a few things to do, and is only approx. 18 miles away... Hmm....we'll see...I'm finding more towns the more I search.
I did also find the Morgantown library, and the Parks & recreation site. So... if we find nothing to do after working on school work, swimming in the pool, or Christmas shopping at Target (Smile), we could always go to a park or visit the library!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) I think we will keep busy...I may want to take the children to some of those small towns in Pennsylvania just so we can say we've been in another State!!! It is going to be rather chilly there-- I looked at the forecast. I am going to be soaking up these last few warm, sunny days here in Belleville. :) : ) : ) I realize it's going to be cool next week in Belleville too, but it is slightly cooler in the WV area than it is here.

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