Friday, November 28, 2008

Home again

We're home! At the moment I'm too weary to share photos/captions....that will have to wait for at least another day or so. On the way home, we picked up Richard's vehicle from my Aunt's house in Indy, then drove separately. I got tired of following Richard during our trip and just had to pass his vehicle up... : ) : ) : ) We are so glad this is the LAST time to unpack our suitcases [me and the kids anyhow]!!!!!!!!!!! We've been living in hotels [WV] and in family's homes [IN] for the past 3 weeks.
Guess what greeted us at home? A completely raked yard! When we had left for WV, there were still a lot of leaves on our trees. Someone raked our entire yard while we were gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You would have to know where we live to appreciate this along with us. We have a large front yard, and then 2 good sized side yards. I was puzzled when I pulled into our driveway (Richard had stopped at the office before coming home). I was expecting to see our yard/driveway covered with a thick blanket of leaves. Instead, our yard had a "freshly raked" look. My first reaction was to stare at our yard, and then stare up at the bare trees. I asked the boys, "Do you think the leaves died on the branches without falling off?" I then began asking the boys if there had or hadn't been a lot of leaves on our trees when we left for WV. Caleb assured me that I was not "seeing" things. : ) :) Our leaf containers were already full of leaves that we had raked before our trip, so we don't know what was done with the leaves that Someone raked [we don't have a burn pile at our house; have yard waste pick up]! Hmm......we're going to have to ask our next door neighbors about this! :) :)
That's the good news. : ) : ) : ) The bad news is that the house smells horribly musty. I can't wait to get the plumbing job completely finished so that I can concentrate on chasing the smells away and cleaning the mess better [the plumber couldn't finish the job before we left on our trip]. I'm not having company over for awhile....
there's still a big hole in Ashlyn's bedroom wall with the plumbing job not yet finished...the source of the musty smell. This too shall pass, right? :)
I am so thankful for our trip to and from WV and IN....and glad that we could be together as a family! :) :) Like I said earlier, I'll share photos later on.
I'm also thankful for whoever raked our leaves!!! How giving and thoughtful of whoever it was!!! Instead of raking leaves this weekend, we can enjoy our time with Richard before he leaves on Sunday afternoon..... his last 2 wk. trip to WV. :) :) :) : )

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