Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Who you are", by 4HIM

I searched online for the lyrics of this song because I no longer have the case that the CD was in (it's long gone and I'm guarding the CD...). I have to say that this is my all time favorite song; the lyrics speak so much to me. What a place of peace to truly know Who God is! Words can't express my thankfulness & gratitude to the Lord. I'll let you read the lyrics to this song, since I can't find it on youtube. It's called "Who you are", and It's from 4HIM's album "Walk on". btw, I'm so sad that 4HIM disbanded. I miss their songs. If you have the chance to hear this song anywhere--please do! It's beautiful!

When I see the sun
Coming up in the sky
When I see the stars
In the still of the night
Then I, I see who You are
When I feel the breath of The wind in my face
I rest in the warmth Of a Father's embrace
Then I, I feel You Are

And who You are Is all I'll ever want to be
Take my life Make what You will of me
'Cause You're constantly changing my heart
Leading me out of the dark
Bringing me closer to who You are

I'm ready to run
And I'm ready to dance
Live every moment
Leave nothing to chance
'Cause I, I know who You are
I consider the Cross And the price that You paid
I know that You live 'Cause the stone's rolled away
Oh I, I love who You are


'Cause You're constantly changing my heart
Leading me out of the dark
And You're bringing me closer to who You are

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