Thursday, August 21, 2008

First week of school, and a field trip to the Belleville- News-Democrat!

Well...I would say that our first week of school has gone pretty well! Sure, we have a lot of ground to cover because the boys have forgotten so much over the summer, but they are enjoying the journey and that's what's most important. :) Caleb is working in the 3rd grade Abeka math and Language Arts this year, and we are using a variety of material to work on Handwriting, Writing, and Reading comprehension. Antonin is in the Abeka 1st grade math, and is going through the First Lessons for the Well Trained mind. If FLL continues to be over his head, I may change. We'll see. :) I'm using a combination of the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, Abeka readers, and other books that I find through the library. :)Both boys are going to be learning piano...I am hoping to give them lessons on Sat. or Sun.'s

We began our first week of school with a field trip to the Belleville News Democrat. The children thought it was very interesting how the newspaper is made from enormous rolls of paper, ink, and metal plates!! Here are a few photos of our trip:

Rolls and rolls of paper were everywhere! The machine pictured below, printed a smaller newspaper--not the Belleville News. Those large tanks hold colored ink. The black ink tank was huge, but is not pictured here. The machine that printed the Belleville News was so massive, I couldn't get a good picture of it.

After the newspaper is printed, it gets sent over to the area below, where a machine opens the newspapers up, and includes the inserts!! We were able to see what different ads we would be getting the next morning! [ btw, when morning came, the boys were excited to recognize the inserts in our newspaper! : ) : ) : ) We got the Kohl's ad today....I can't wait for Saturday or Sunday's paper because I know what's coming in the inserts!]

When our tour at the Belleville News Democrat was finished (the printing/distributing), we went for a treat--an ice cream cone at Eckerts!!! What a fun field trip!! : ) :)

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Christi said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun learning experience. I would like to visit a place like that myself! Very interesting!