Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First week of school

Yesterday was our first day of school (3rd year at home), and it's so great to see the children's excitement. I'm hoping their enthusiasm lasts for awhile. :) : ) This morning, Antonin was up before I was (6AM), looking through his math book. He had a pencil in his hand, trying to figure out the problems on his own. :) :) I told him to wait until 8 AM, when our school began. :) :) I have printed out a daily list for the boys, so they know what to expect, and it should curb any arguments. :) This year, I'm using the PER program (it's free) through home-school-inc.com. http://www.home-school-inc.com/ It's great! It's free! It takes a little while to add all your subjects and schedule into the program, but once it's finished, it makes you feel at ease knowing that all is planned, being recorded for you, and whenever you want to print out a report card, attendance report, or anything else, you can print in seconds! :) :) Well, I need to go look at our schedule to see what we're doing first. Happy beginning of the school year to you! : ) : ) : )

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