Friday, August 29, 2014

Our First Month in Colorado, Part 2

We rushed to get school paperwork completed, and purchase school supplies off three separate lists (Charter High School, Public Middle School, and Elementary Home School).
Antonin needed a physical in order to participate in school sports, but new patient appointments with a new doctor was a looong way off! 
 Thank Heavens for Walgreen's walk-in clinics!  :)
Three camera shy children ....   :)
Four days after we moved into our new Colorado home, my Aunt Carolyn passed away. Her health had been deteriorating for quite some time, so her death was not a surprise.
Seeing how soon after our move she passed, I decided against traveling to Indiana for her funeral.
While on an evening walk, I thought how no one in Colorado knew my Aunt had passed away- let alone even knew I had an Aunt. No one cared (because they didn't know me). 
 They didn't know that I grew up next door to my Maternal Grandparents & Aunt Carolyn (in Indiana). After my grandparent's passing, my mother and siblings faithfully cared for Aunt Carolyn (a total of 13 years) since she couldn't fully take care of herself.  How could anyone comprehend the True Love I had witnessed for so many years?
Our church's small group in Illinois had prayed for Aunt Carolyn ... but now we were in the middle of a church hunt in Colorado.
My sad isolation melted into thankfulness that she was now FREE from this earthly life!
I was so thankful to know that she was with her Heavenly Father- FREE from her crippled body (& pain)!!!
{In case you're curious about Aunt Carolyn, she's in the last part of my Thanksmas 2013 blog post- our family's last time to see her.}

Antonin's summer [beginning] band lasted two weeks, and then held a performance! :)
By this time, I finally knew my way to the school and back without using TomTom.
Great job, Antonin!!
The weekend before Caleb's High School started, we visited the Garden of the Gods for one last Summer Hoorah!!

It was an amazing day, and we didn't even see it all!
We somehow missed a section, hmmm .... at least we can easily come back again.

~The summer sun set one last time, as Caleb prepared for his first day of High School~

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