Thursday, July 18, 2013

Texas visitors! :)

Look who came to see us on their way to a family reunion & graduation open house in Indiana! :)
My Uncle Larry & Aunt Lois (& their four grandchildren) from Dallas, Texas!
Surely they didn't mind visiting us on the hottest day of the year (in Illinois), seeing how they are from the state of Texas.....   ;)
 Ashlyn was thrilled to have another girl to play with.  :) Actually, TWO girls  :) 
 Racing cars in the boys' room ... [Caleb avoids camera's at all costs]
 We had a great visit, and are glad they stopped by!
We calculated that the last time we had seen each other was in 2009, when my last grandparent passed away. Was it really been that long ago?? Yes, time melts away very quickly!
"Just for fun" memories
of Uncle Larry & Aunt Lois:
*As a child in South Bend, IN, I anticipated my aunt & uncle's (& cousins) visits; we lived next door to my grandparents, so family who came to see them, came to see us, too!!  :)  :)
*Uncle Larry made chocolate fudge ... but I couldn't ever seem to duplicate his recipe!
*Uncle Larry was a pen pal during my early teen years. He encouraged me to live for the Lord, to think more of others than my "self", and to look for the positives in life [I was a lonely teen  :)].
*I received 12 yellow roses from my Aunt & Uncle on my 16th Birthday!! Can you guess why the roses were yellow?  Yes, Texas, of course! :)


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