Thursday, September 20, 2012

All is Well.... :)

Early Monday, Richard left for Dallas, Texas for job related training. I'm thankful we're surviving without him. Only 8 more days to go!!!    :)  :) 
I captured the moment we dropped him off at the MetroLink , making his way to the St Louis Airport. Unfortunately, it was raining....and judging by the look on Richard's face, he must have wondered what on earth I was doing hanging out of our van's window with a camera.  :)  :) 
 ~hurrying to get out of the rain~

Purchasing his ticket (below photo)~ we loudly yelled, "Goodbye, Richard (or daddy)!  We'll miss you!!!!!"
I was on my way to drop Caleb off at school, so we didn't stay to watch Richard board the train.

I've been very though I miss Richard terribly, the days seem to be going pretty fast.
During last week's cross country meet, Caleb injured himself. He somehow turned his foot while coming down on it (?)...and injured/strained a tenon or two in his left leg.   :(   I'm very grateful this happened at the end of the race and not the beginning! 
We've waited for the tendons to heal, but we've found it's a very slow process. After talking with Caleb's coaches on Tuesday, I decided to take him to the Doctor.  The Doctor then referred us to a physical therapist and told Caleb that he could not run for one week. 
Early this morning (7am- so Caleb wouldn't be late for school), we took him to see a physical therapist. I hoped deep within my heart that physical therapy wouldn't be needed, and we'd be turned away at the receptionist's window. "You're just fine- why are you here?", they'd ask us with a polite smile.  
 Not a chance! Two more appointments next week, plenty of pt exercises at home, and lots of bicycle riding throughout our neighborhood to keep up his cross country endurance. Caleb has a good goal to work towards.
The last cross country meet is October 9th, and he's hoping to run (though slowly....).
side note: I went to the same physical therapy location for my neck, following my scalene muscle spasm last year. The workers there recognize and remember appears we're making pt a family tradition!
I also took Antonin & Ashlyn on a field trip to Eckert's Orchard in Millstadt!   :)   What fun!! We went early in the morning and had  a great, fun day before picking Caleb up from school and taking him to the Doctor.
 On our way to pick Apples~!

 Mmm...apples, apples, apples~ the possibilities are endless (pie, apple butter, applesauce)

Antonin thought the corn maze was too easy.   :)

Preparing for our second week without Richard, hopeful that the days continue to go by quickly!   :)
Also very proud of my husband, and thankful he was selected for this job training opportunity.
I cannot WAIT to hear all his stories!

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