Sunday, January 30, 2011

sewing ...

In my previous post, I was all excited about taking my first sewing class at the library. Now, I've come down off my cloud nine and have numerous butterflies in my stomach!!!!!!!!! What on earth did I get myself into?? 
The good part is that I think I'm getting closer to learning my sewing machine's language. We actually got along quite nicely in class once my instructor figured out the tension problem (yes, my machine puzzled her at first, too). It's good knowing my machine and I are now on speaking terms... and that I can attempt a few projects. That is ... after I practice more stitches and re-threading.
I wasn't able to pin all my pattern pieces to my fabric because I didn't have enough! I had pre-washed it, and it obviously shrunk. Yes, I washed it in cold water, delicate cycle. Hmm ... next time I'll know to get a yard and a half when I'm supposed to purchase one yard!!  Ha [just kidding]! Anyhow, everything's going to work out nicely since I can use a contrasting fabric for the pockets and waistband of the apron.   :)   :)   :)  Yes, I'm making an apron-- Lord willing.
Ashlyn keeps telling everyone that I'm going to make a dress for her, and I keep telling her to allow me to first make a simple apron!!!  One step at a time, sweet child!!! lol!!    :)  I must admit that it's encouraging to see her faith in me.   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :) 
I'll take my cut-out pieces back to class in a week and a half and begin sewing them together. One can work in-between classes on their own if they want to, but with the problems I have had with getting along with/understanding my sewing machine (i.e. machine consuming the fabric and thread), I feel it's best to have our interactions monitored for the time being.  In the meantime, I'll practice on scrap material ...

*whew*, this has been a draining day!!! For the seamstress out there, I know all the above sounds funny ... but for some people, sewing machines really do speak different languages!!!!

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