Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wow ... time flies!

We recently took a trip to Indiana to visit my family, and brought our new little dog (Gabe) along. What a great dog--we couldn't have asked for a better pet!
While in Indiana, we visited the small town of Plymouth, Indiana, where I was born ...
the older I get, the more sentimental I become. I wanted to take photos of the house I lived in as a small girl ('til age 6), and the old church we used to attend until the congregation moved to a different location in the mid-80's. Warm fuzzy memories came back to me, so I talked Richard's ear off and bored the kids. :) :) :) I recognized the library and post office as buildings my mother and I walked to. That's the way small towns are, of course. One walks everywhere. :)
The street we lived on was also familiar ... I recall riding my little bike up and down the sidewalks ... and little did I know at the time that my maternal grandmother was born in the house just down the street from where we lived!! :) :) Plymouth really is a nice, charming Indiana town (or maybe I only think so because of the warm memories), but we had to leave when my dad was unemployed for several months, eventually finding a job in South Bend, IN. My mom did not want to leave Plymouth, but knew it was the right thing to do for our family .... and that is how we ended up next door to my grandparents on the south side of South Bend, where I lived from age 6 until leaving for college at age 18!! Wow! I am feeling really old at the moment!!
I have many vivid memories of the little white church in Plymouth ... the building has now been made into someones home. I had to refrain from peeking in windows or ringing the doorbell to ask if I could have a tour. :) I'm sure it's completely remodeled on the inside and would not even look the same now.
With Plymouth being such a small town .... I wondered if I caused folks to grow suspicious or curious with my taking photos of old sentimental sites. While in the library, I noticed people glancing my way (I wasn't even taking pictures), so somehow they must have known we were out of towners (hmm.... perhaps most people don't look around at everything like I did--I remembered the library!!! Mom used to take me there all the time!!!).
Hee hee ... :) :) I did my best to blend in ...... but honestly, most people don't stop to take a picture of a fire station ..... ha ha [my great-grandpa Sullivan was a firefighter in Plymouth].
Anyhow, we all had a nice time visiting with family in South Bend, and celebrating the kids' summer b'days, too!!
I will share photos when I have a little more time ... I need to make dinner!!! : ) :)

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