Tuesday, March 9, 2010

hints of doubt...but it's just life's story...no fears...

One thing I've always struggled with (and always will) is doubt. I have a good pace going with my class and honestly have nothing to worry about. However, when I look at the list of 13 assignments plus two additional assignments, etc., etc., I begin to wonder, "Can I really finish this class on time? Can I do this?" I have nearly finished my third assignment and have a great start with an assigned book (to read :)), so I only have ten more lessons [plus extra papers]...to finish by August 1st. Yes, of course I can do this--with God's help. :)

A friend of mine (actually, a relative), posted the following song on her face book wall. I'm sharing it on my blog as a reminder to myself not to doubt!!

Reminder: God is SO faithful to us....there is nothing to fear. We're walking on the water with Him, His hand holding ours! I need to constantly seek His face, instead of becoming distracted by the stormy waves--He's holding me. What a comfort. :) Goodnight...sleep tight...

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Kendy Jo said...

Hi A. Sara!!!
I love your new blog template!!
It has been tons of fun doing blogs and sharing info. on different techniques for blogging!!:)
Lets just say , you are a much better writer w/ blogging that I am .:)
God gave you a special gift for that!
I on the other hand like the fun stuff(blinkies,templates,pics,colores,etc.)lol;)

Me and mom enjoyed your post on makeing bread,you are really doing good!Your bread looks better than mine sometimes.:)lol:D
Well,have a good day!!

Kendy JO