Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wed. blues/ Our trip, Part II

I got da Bluuuuuuueeeeeesss..........yeah, those Wednesday blues!
Okay, Okay, I can't sing well in that style. : ) : ) : )
Ashlyn awoke not feeling well this morning, so I've had to put off some appointments and things we were going to do today.....and tomorrow evening is the boys' handbell choir performance at the Home school meeting. I'm hoping that she will feel better. :) There's nothing like your husband being miles away and a child not feeling well (midst the Christmas events)!

To get my mind off those horrid Wed. blues, I'll finish my photo story about our trip!!
Where did I leave off? Oh yes, the Battle of Allegheny.
After visiting the Civil War sites in the Beverly, WV area.....we returned for the 2nd week in Morgantown. After the 2nd week was over, we packed up again and headed toward South Bend, IN for Thanksgiving week! On our way, we stopped in Pittsburgh to visit the Children's museum and to have some " family fun". It was a blustery cold day, so it was great to be indoors ( the kids had a blast).

The children enjoyed a variety of things at the museum...painting lots of pictures, making interesting art creations, and exploring scientific ideas, just for kids. In the photo above, the children are playing "rock music". It's a big drum with nails layered (nailed into the inside). One drops little rocks down those holes at the top, and they make pretty music as they fall down between the nails (they fall out the bottom, and you start all over again)! : ) : )

Ashlyn enjoyed the water play area with a friend she met. They loved the little boats they made and gave the little duckies "rides".Meanwhile, the boys were getting hands on experience with plumbing! The water came up some pipes in the ground, and children could create anything they wanted to with water spraying everywhere at times.....not realizing they were actually learning something. :)

There was also a miniature theatre with dress up clothes, props, and a place for an audience to sit. We had the whole area to ourselves, but still my boys grew bashful, so it was Ashlyn and myself who took the stage to entertain the rest of the family ( the boys helped with opening and shutting the curtain). Ashlyn liked playing on stage with me, and really got into it! :) I didn't like the scripts that were available (too boring), so we made up our own as we went. We all had a great time, and Richard told me that I missed my calling...he says I should have been an actress. No, I think I should have been a script writer. : ) : ) : )

The next day, there was nothing else to do in Pittsburgh because it was too frigid outside to do or see anything, so we headed on towards South Bend, IN. :) :) I might add that we enjoyed the snow during our trip!! South Bend had a white Thanksgiving...and the kids loved it. :)
It had been a whole year since we had been in South Bend. Here's a pic of my sister, Wendy, and myself!

When everyone got together at my brother's home, we took photos of the "Shelley family", and all the cousins. :) :)

Brandon (my nephew) wasn't present.....but he was with us the next day at Grandpa's house, so had to add the picture below (with him in it) ! :) It was so much fun seeing my nieces and nephews again...we've missed them so much! We actually have two new nieces in my sister's family, so it was nice being able to meet and get to know them during this visit, also. :)

Well, I think that's pretty much it! We came home after Thanksgiving....and here we are! :)
I'll share a few more random photos below....

Sleeping at Gma & Gpa's house!

Visiting with my grandpa (Antonin was with my brother's family); Ashlyn would not sit on ggrandpa's lap!

Pictured below, Mom Shelley and Ashlyn (with the kitty Mom gave her)

Above: Ashlyn with cousin Katie (Wendy's daughter)
Below: The boys' snowman in SB, IN [made w/o gloves or boots, as I hadn't brought any on the trip]

Below: Richard & myself

Hope your Thanksgiving was special! : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

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