Saturday, October 25, 2008

what a weekend!! :)

I don't believe I've used the color red during any of my earlier postings, so I'm using it for this post so red doesn't feel left out. :) Guess what's happened this weekend?!?!?! : ) : ) We finally got our wooden blinds in our living room window (yeah!!), and were able to hang the valances too. The walls in our house are 1/2 inch thick with plaster/concrete. I don't know what the builder back in 1948 was thinking, but we have very sturdy walls. So sturdy, it's a pain to drill holes in order to hang anything up!!! We were glad that a guy from Lowes was the one installing the wood blinds (they also needed to be cut to fit our unique windows); he was a professional, and he even ran into some problems, so we're glad it wasn't us! :) We did hang the valances in the living room ourselves though. After drilling, drilling, drilling, and getting nowhere, Richard decided to simply hammer the rod's brackets to the wall. It works! : ) : ) I'm thinking about finding a hammer drill for Richard's Christmas gift....I don't know how much they run [price-wise]....gotta shop around. : ) : ) : ) We've lived here for almost 4 years and have labored and sweat over hanging frames. I think it's time for the right tools/equipment to conquer our walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa! That almost sounded like a political phrase. :) I was wanting to take photos for this blog, but we still have to conquer the dining room valances. Then, I'll take photos! :)
Some friends from SW Missouri came through to see us...they were on their way to Ohio and stopped at our place for the night. Our children had a lot of fun playing with their children...we all had a nice visit together. Not long after they left our house this morning, their vehicle broke down! They were able to rent a vehicle for the remainder of their trip, and we're all so thankful that the break down happened while they were still in our town!
I met with a lady at the library this afternoon. We got together in the Genealogy department so that she could guide me along with my Civil War research. I really appreciate all that she showed me...I was able to find some interesting information concerning the Union regiment of my gggrandpa [he died in the battle of Allegheny, 1861]. Now, when I return to the library, I'll know more what I'm doing (hopefully). : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Not that I've never visited any Genealogy department before ( I am a family historian and am supposed to know all about libraries*ahem-cough,cough), but had never researched Civil War documents before....and I'm a busy home school mom. I didn't have the time to research about how to research Civil War things. So, this nice lady from church offered to help me! We didn't just research. We sat and chit chatted for a whole 3 hours! I couldn't believe how quickly the time flew by. One funny thing that happened in the quiet library was....her cell phone rang. The ring tone was "Barbara Ann" by the Beach boys, and it was ringing full blast for a couple minutes while she searched for her phone [to answer it] . It was so funny! There was this quiet, still library....then all of a sudden a blasting Beach boys' song, "Barb, Barb, Barb--Barb, Barbra Ann"! : ) : ) : )
Well, now I need to organize what I found today....and then plan my next trip (next Saturday) to the library! :)
Only two more weeks until we leave for West Virginia. I've already mentioned it on this blog, but while out in WV, I plan to visit the Camp Allegheny site. I'll be taking lots and lots of pictures. I am hoping that I'll be able to share all of this with family [info. & photos] as a short story one of these days. ....... :)

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