Monday, July 21, 2008

School's starting in less than a month! Ack!

I have to admit that I'm not especially looking forward to school starting this year. Why? Summer went by too fast, the kids have forgotten nearly all I taught them last year, and I'm thinking about how a few of the home school days each month are chaotic...well.....I'll let you read for youself. The following is a little story I wrote back in April:

There's nothing like having the promise of a new day, with being a homeschooling Mom. Life can take you on all kinds of twists and turns, and then you can go to bed knowing that Morning will dawn anew....and it will be a brand new day with no mistakes in it! I get tickled by people who ask me, " you are a stay at home Mom and home school? I don't know HOW you do it! I know that it's difficult letting go..." People think I have a hard time letting go of my kids?? For crying out loud!! If they could see inside my daily life, they probably wouldn't say that. If they would only sneak up to one of our windows, this is what they might see: The boys would be dutifully working on their school work, and I'd be giving them help when needed. Everything would be going quite smoothly, except for the occasional interruption....until it happens. No Mom can explain how chaos hits all at once, but it always does...unexpectedly. All of a sudden the phone rings. It's a telemarketer, and I hang up on them. The boys begin to argue over who's pencils and erasers are whose, and their voices rise into a shouting match.Then, the doorbell rings and I frown and sternly tell the boys to be quiet before I open up the door. As I open the door, I have placed a smile on my face. It's the mailman bringing us the mail that wouldn't fit in the mailbox.I try to be polite, but feel a little irritated that he wants to chat about the beatuful day outside. All the children have crowded around the front door because they seem to think there should be something for them in the mail. "Not today's all for Mommy and Daddy. Go sit back down at the table and do your school work." My tone begins to change from the patient, helpful Mom, to Mrs. drill sargeant. Now, the boys can't work on their school work without being silly. I have them run around outside for awhile, timing them with a timer, but that doesn't seem to help. They are still so silly. By this time, I'm beginning to lose my patience. I had been planning to look at the map and have the boys tell me where different continents and countries are, but they are so full of sillies, they make up names for the countries and giggle, giggle, giggle. I put the school work up. I tell the boys to go play, but inside I feel EXTREMELY frustrated. What about all my plans on the school work we were going to be covering today! Who cares that it's still school hours, they are being too silly to learn anything. About this time, I realize that Ashlyn is no where to be found. I search the house calling her name, and wonder why I'm even calling...because when she's up to something, she never answers. I find her in the bathroom. She has emptied out the toothpaste onto the bathroom counter, emptied the liquid hand soap into the sink, and strewn toilet paper all over the place, adding a little bit of water (from toilet) it's the soggy kind of toilet paper. As I reprimand her and tell her she needs to clean her mess up, the telephone rings again, and it is Richard. I politely listen to how his day is going in Sunny Florida, as that is where his training for that week is, and all the while, I'm helping Ashlyn clean her mess up. The boys soon get over their playful sillies, and come looking for me. They begin banging on the bathroom door. "MOM, what are you doing in there?!?! We need you really bad out here..we can't find our pencils!!" I tell them to wait a minute...I'm busy, and I'm on the phone. 10 seconds later, they are again knocking, yelling out my name. Richard's story on how his day is going comes to an end, and then he asks me in a cheerful voice, "So, has your day been going?" How has my DAY been going?????? Do you really want to know the TRUE story, or the shortened condensed version?! Do you want to know how I'm to the breaking point of my patience, and wish you would come home right NOW??!! I simply manage to sputter, "pray for me". Richard grows a bit quiet and asks, "Are you all right??" Yes, I'm fine....just slowly losing my mind...but really, I'm fine. To make a long story shorter, those people who tell me, " are having a hard time letting go of your kids..", I think they would finally see that there's a greater reason why I'm at home with my kids. I could very EASILY let go of my children--especially after a day like the one I described. I'm home with them because I have a future goal in mind. I will share that future goal with you during my next blog. My children are losing control because I've been on this computer a little too long. I need to go now and have them run around matter what happens today, I know there is a new day tomorrow. Oh...I do need to add that not every day is like this one. :)

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