Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A truly happy new year!!

Yay, for getting through a 15 credit hour semester this past fall!!!  :) :)
     Life was a challenge, and we finally got the hang of things around November when the semester was nearly finished. What matters most, is that it's behind us!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas/winter break with the kids, as this was the first one in two years without disruptions or chaos! Two Christmases ago was when my ex told both our families that he was gay and we were getting a divorce (I was in agreement having known he was gay for 16 of our 18 years, and having had worked through everything together ... but chaos within the extended family ensued).
One year ago was when my ex actually moved out of the house. He had lived in the basement after our divorce, for both of us to regain financial stability. Though I had anticipated his moving out, it was still uncomfortable celebrating Christmas last year.
   All of that to say .... I enjoyed soaking in everything Christmas THIS year! I took Ashlyn to see the Nutcracker, partly for her 13th birthday, and partly for Christmas. We had such a great time together!! I entered a drawing for a free ticket to the Christmas Symphony.... and I won!!!  I was SO excited to attend the Symphony for my first time ever (I didn't have the kids that weekend, and they had other plans). 
We also made a gingerbread house and baked cookies for neighbors. I think it may have been the first time in a couple years (?) since baking for neighbors, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

 At the Nutcracker! :)
My first Symphony!!!
                                                   My beautiful & fun daughter :)                     

      I was also starting over with Christmas decorations, due to the divorce. Thanks to after Christmas sales last year, and Hobby Lobby this year, my house once again looked like Christmas had arrived!!!   :)
     Christmas eve, we all attended Ashlyn's choir performance at the church where she and Antonin attend with their dad. What a nice evening! I am thankful we can all be on good terms with one another and remember the focus of life itself- Christ. Once we take our eyes off Christ, that is when chaos and strife develops.
     Now a new year is upon us- 2018!!! 
 I admit that I couldn't completely relax this winter break, because I was preparing to take my Praxis exam. The purpose of the Praxis is to become a certified educator within the state of Colorado.  I took my four hour exam yesterday without any breaks for food or water, because I'm such a slow test taker and needed the allotted time for each section. I passed all the sections well, except for math. :(   My scores in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, were well above the passing mark which surprised me! I was only a few points away from passing the math section.
     I will now find all my old math notebooks and review & practice everything I learned in college. I know that sounds funny and you're thinking "why didn't you do that in the first place?". Well, I had thought that practicing out of the Praxis book and the Praxis website would be sufficient. I see now, however, that the type of math questions can be anything other than practice tests. ;)  I am glad I can retake the math section only, instead of retaking all four subjects. Four hours of sitting in front of a computer screen is exhausting-especially without food or water!! That said, I wasn't really that hungry since I'm a nervous timed test taker. :)  

     One reason I didn't take the time to go through my old math notebooks pre-Praxis (among other "life happenings"), is because Caleb got his wisdom teeth removed this past Friday!! It had been recommended that his wisdom teeth come out last summer, but we waited for his dad's insurance to change for this new year. I'm glad we didn't wait any longer, because the oral surgeon discovered an infection in one area, and also removed a funky looking sore for a biopsy. We won't know the results of the biopsy until later this month. Caleb had a challenging weekend with the reintroduction of foods into his diet, but the great news is that he had little pain! He returned to school today, and I'm glad he is doing well!!

     Spring semester begins next week.Where did my winter break disappear to?! This semester, I will carry 12 credit hours and continue working my two part time jobs. I am becoming more excited that next year (2018-2019) is my student teaching year, and that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!
     I'm anticipating this new year, named 2018. Wow! Where has the time gone?! Have I been sleeping? ;)

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