Tuesday, July 9, 2013

~July 4th~

We were blessed to celebrate July 4th with family this year!
Richard's sister, Christi, and family, came to see us!
When family members stay over night, you get to know one other in a "different",  deep-relational sort of way (compared with living in the same town).
I enjoy having company- it's always so much fun!   :) :)  :)
 Our girls enjoyed camping out in the living room with their American Girl Dolls, and playing together (without their big brothers!).
Our boys had a blast too, since they had two boy cousins to build Lego's and play electronic gadgets with!  ;)
Early July 4th, we took the Metro Link (train) into St Louis to watch the July 4th parade, and the air show near the Arch. We also met up with Richard's cousins, Jason & Mandy Booher (& kiddos) at the parade, and enjoyed catching up on years gone by [both Christi's family and the Boohers are from Springfield, Missouri].  :)
Unfortunately, I did not take my camera with me that morning, since I was thinking about carrying snacks & water bottles. Someday, I'll get this St Louis thing "down pat" enough to remember my camera. :)
We all had a wonderful time together, and wished it could have lasted longer!
We decided to make July 4th an extended family tradition. In the near future, we will move to a slightly larger house so that a couple of families can stay with us comfortably ... additional families could camp out or stay in area hotels ... then after St Louis festivities, everyone could return to our house for an early dinner (pot luck)!!!  :)
Alright, alright ... back to the present day & time ....
Friday, July 5th, we drove to St Louis to visit the Art Museum, and have fun on the paddle boats!!   :)
During a snack & water break between the museum and paddle boats, Caleb decided to dash across the street in order to get muffins from his Aunt Christi (parked across from us), not realizing how quickly a bicyclist was traveling down the street toward him.
I did not see the collision, but heard a loud BAM/SCRAPE noise. 
Looking up, I saw Caleb lying in the street, tangled-up with a bicycle and a very large bicyclist!
*Whew*! We were so thankful that no one was hurt, and the bike was still in working order.
Caleb was pretty banged and scraped up, but we felt blessed there were no broken bones!!!
 {The children played with various tops outside of Art Museum}
Time quickly got away (as always), and it was soon time to find a spot on Eads Bridge, to watch St Louis fireworks!  How exciting!
 Jason & Mandy Booher met up with us for the fireworks, and Ashlyn was very happy to see her new found friend again (their daughter) [Ashlyn: "I didn't know you were a 3rd cousin! I thought you were only a stranger!"]
Sorrell kids, Probst kids & Booher kids! :)

 I always wish I'd take more photos!!!   :)
What a nice time we all had together- and incredible fireworks!
Another beautiful day dawned in Belleville, Illinois.
Before Christi took off with her family, we decided to get coffee at St Louis Bread, and browse the downtown antique and spice shops.
 Our daughters brought their American Girl Dolls along, too [not shown in picture].
 What a great  July 4th weekend!
I'm thankful that we live in a Free country! Yes, problems will always abound, but at least we can still enjoy Economic & Religious freedoms in America!
Hey- you probably can't tell that I have Red, White & Blue colors on my braces, can you?!?   :)

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Anonymous said...

We had a WONDERFUL time!! Thank you so much for all your amazing hospitality!!