Friday, March 29, 2013

~Home improvement~ {old 50's bathroom}

                  Life has been exciting lately (well, it normally is, right?) !  :)
We decided to fix up our house in preparation for a future (possible) move. Whether we sell our present home or rent it out will remain to be seen, but for now we're focused on the needed improvements.
We began working on the oldest room in the house- our burgundy (1950's) bathroom!
 There used to be ugly paisley wallpaper on the wall when we moved in 8 years ago. I tore all the wallpaper out, and texture painted the walls pink & white.
Time flew by very quickly, and suddenly the look was outdated! 
After asking for suggestions on Facebook, I decided to try painting the walls a light gray.
We then re-grouted some areas of the tile, and added fresh caulk.
Below: don't remove ceramic towel-bar holders if you don't have to.
I did not want to glue the holders back in their holes, because I could not stand that towel holder!!
I decided I was going to fill those holes up, and find paint to match the tile.
Well ... easier said than done. I suppose you'd call me a visionary.
I filled one hole with "auto-body-filler", which was so toxic, I'll never bring it inside the house again.   The auto body filler hardens completely in 3 to 4 minutes, and I was not quick enough to fill both holes in that amount of time (I didn't know what I was doing; was talking to kids, etc). It kept oozing out of the first hole, and by the time I had it correctly filled & smoothed, the mixture was solid rock!!!
I told myself it was "all right". At least the hole on the right was the deeper one.
I ended up filling the hole on the left with grout.
I've sanded & sanded, and am nearly ready to add primer - woohoo!!
I hope I successfully find matching paint (hmm, this might be tricky...)! 
I tried putting everything floral behind me (in an attempt to be "modern"), but ended up with these flowery shower curtains. I love how our bathroom is turning out.  :)
We've replaced the light fixture, and will soon put a towel ring on the wall near the sink.
We have talked about replacing the sink, but a few people have told me they LIKE it.  Really?? Hard for me to believe, but they really LIKE our sink! We just might keep it ~
 I'm very pleased that the bathroom project is nearly done [I'll share a "totally finished" pic when all is complete ]!!!
 I'm beginning to choose paint color for the boys' room and our living room/dining room area, too.
I'm looking forward to sharing more spring home projects with you... !!  :)
 Happy spring!!!


Marcia said...

We are redoing our bathroom also! We will also do other rooms where needed. But not cause we want to sell but because we are making our 'nest' more comfortable.

Mom blogger said...

That's awesome~ good luck to you! Looking forward to seeing your pics~:)