Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas & Happy New Year~ 2012~

What a beautiful Season celebrating the birth of our Savior~! I've always loved Christmas- the darkest time of the year illuminated by the Light of the world~  :)  :)

 Celebrating our little family Christmas .... look what Daddy put together for his little girl! A new Kidkraft kitchen (purchased online thru Amazon- decent deal)! Richard had spent an entire day (almost) putting the kitchen together, and then covered it with blankets since it was much too large to wrap. Oh how exciting when we brought the covered kitchen into the living room to watch Ashlyn "unwrap" her gift. I'll never forget the look on her face!!   :)  :)   :)
 A day or two after Christmas, there was a little dusting of snow- just enough for a snowman or two~
 After our little family Christmas, we drove to SW Missouri to spend time with Richard's family (and to see the New Year in!). What an amazing trip. We managed to stay up very late all three evenings!  :) haha~!The weather had warmed significantly. It was a beautiful 50-something degrees during our get-together. We couldn't have ordered better weather for the cousins running in and out of Grandma's house~!  :)
                              Pictured above are the little girl cousins (Kendra is the oldest girl- not pictured here); below are all the rowdy boys!  You have no idea how much talking & convincing it took for them to sit still for this photo. ;)

Last, but not least, below are ALL the cousins- including Kendra!   :)

During our time together, we read family predictions we had all written 10 years ago, stashed away [and forgotten, I admit] until this New Year celebration. Many of the predictions were funny and hilarious, others were pretty close to how life actually turned out!  I'm now working on some new predictions for the next 10 years to contribute- newly amazed with how quickly time is passing. My children will be 17, 20 & 22 in another 10 years. My Word!!! My New Years' Resolution is to treasure life's small and insignificant moments, as they may end up being the biggest ones (realized much later). 
I only have ten more years to shape my children's lives-- and should make any important changes NOW~ [ready, set, GO!!!]!!   Lol!!  :)  :) 
~Happy New Year~~ Blessings to you in 2012~!

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