Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~When you're uninspired~

I experienced a "let-down" yesterday when my physical therapist informed me that I actually had NINE sessions to complete with her, not SIX. Not that I don't like my physical therapist, but the routine of visiting the pt office with the kids is getting a little "old" now. I'm thankful for great children who don't complain .... they love watching the TV in the waiting room (LOL~!), and bringing their books to read. My pt ends December 8th ... I'll continue my exercises and anti-inflammatory meds for an additional 3 weeks until I visit the doctor again (follow-up). I get sore after "regular" in-depth tasks (like cleaning out my daughter's bedroom), so I suppose it's going to take awhile to feel back to normal again.
In the midst of building patience (life), I've been doing my best to be the home school mom I should be, plan for the Christmas Season, and for my daughter's 7th Birthday (next week)!!!
Something you might find interesting ....
I've been working on a poem that has been sitting on my laptop for awhile. I normally find poetry very hard to write and avoid it. I know that since it came together during my most uninspired moments, it's not really my own. The very last stanza doesn't rhyme, so I'll most likely add to it later on ... Lord willing~    ;)

Dusty, dirty, hopeless and worn,
nothing to offer Heaven but scorn.
scheming, pleasing, pious, a fake,
worldly honor was all mine to take.

Shallow, gossip, thirsty for truth,
looking for someone, not knowing who.
Confused, numb, heartache and tears,
Disappointment and failure give way to fears.

Stand still within chaos, hear voice call my name.
“Give Me your rags, your tears, your shame”.
I’m startled to find a strong hand holding mine,
“Who are you!?” I’m filled with a new hope, new shine.

“I’m your Maker; I have other plans for your life.
The road won’t be easy, but I’m here by your side.
I’ll lead and protect- just place your smaller steps inside mine-,
When you can’t hear my voice, press in closer …
I’ll always be holding your hand.”

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