Monday, October 17, 2011

~ Relationships~

Wow~! I'm in the process of learning about relationships.

First and foremost, God comes first, though much easier said than done. My challenging mommy moments rarely find me praying for direction, as I'm usually busy trying to figure things out for myself. Crazy, isn't it?! I assume every thing's moving in the right direction and under control, only to make terrible mistakes or exhibit bad attitudes, requiring eventual apologies to my husband and/or children. During those times, I question why I didn't take a time-out to pray for help? Perhaps I subconsciously think God's not interested in my day-to-day details of life. Nothing could be further from the truth!!! If "loving the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength" was included in both Old and New Testaments in the Bible, then surely that includes our every-day moments, in both thoughts and actions. Loving and obeying God comes first, the rest will follow! [Deuteronomy 6; Mark 12:30; Matthew 22:37; Luke 10:27]

I'm also learning what loving my husband really means.
Richard & I bought a little book of "love dares" a little over a week ago called, The Love Dare (Fireproof's devotional for couples), and have gotten so much good out of it already . No, it doesn't matter how long or short you've been married; all couples have room to grow and learn together. We've been married nearly 14 years and continue to learn- LOTS!   :)

Each devotion covers different aspects of Love- such as "Love finds favor", "Love Keeps an Open Mind", "Love Does Not Complain" [ouch! really?], "Love Finds Opportunities". Scripture is referenced each day, and the reader may be given a "dare" for that day (i.e. praying for spouse's day or eliminating unrealistic expectations).

Last, but not least, much of what I'm learning about loving God and my husband, also applies to loving my children and other people in my life!
When my son hides his dirty, filthy socks behind the picture frames in the living room making me want to announce rather loudly (with angry face), "when will you ever learn to put your socks in the dirty clothes basket?!?!?"
When my daughter slowly picks her way through the food on her plate and I feel like moaning, "Hurry up and eat! We don't have all day!"
When my other son plays out imaginary Star Wars stories and fails to hear me say, "It's trash day! Please take the trash can to the road".... then I find him wondering around the yard, claiming he "forgot" what I said.......
I am to LOVE, be PATIENT, and speak the truth in LOVE!!!
True love LOVES through annoying habits, then keeps on training and teaching (patiently, calmly) .....   :)   :)   Yes, of course it's impossible seeing how I'm an imperfect human!!!!

 I'm praying for our day tomorrow ... I'm a desperate mom in need of daily grace.

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Christi said...

Are your kids related to mine? lol! This sounds exactly like a story that would happen at our house!! So funny...yet at the moment it's not one bit funny! :) You're doing great, Sara!