Friday, July 8, 2011

:) Funny story :)

Our summer has been going by very quickly and we're still not doing too well with our "summer schedule" [cheesy grin].    :)
However, looking on the bright side, life continues to be interesting, teaching many lessons!    :)
Something I've recently learned is to never take others words seriously (or an obit), unless there's undeniable proof (or perhaps checking things out ...).
Three years ago, a single mom with a son my own boys' age lived across the street. The boys played a lot in our yard and we got to know the neighbor boy quite well. After about a year or so, the mom had a new boyfriend and she and her son moved away (I'll call her "Nancy").
Last summer, my next door neighbor brought over the obituary section of the newspaper. She thought for sure that a lady described in the obits was "Nancy", the single mother who use to live across the street. Reading the obit for myself, I agreed that it sounded like  her ... but I wasn't positive about the photo- I didn't think that it looked like her. My next door neighbor was "pretty sure" the obit described Nancy, especially since the people who lived next door to Nancy thought the photo in the obit indeed looked like her. The obit even mentioned a son, "Henry", the correct age of our former neighbor Nancy's son, so I wasn't sure what to think! After awhile, I began thinking that perhaps the "Nancy" mentioned, WAS the Nancy who had lived across the road. I felt so sad inside and even said a prayer for her young son, thinking how terrible and heartbreaking it would be for a boy that age to lose his mother. I was grieved inside, wondering if I had reached out enough to the family when they were our neighbors.

One year later .... a week ago, my doorbell rang. I opened the front door to find Nancy and Henry standing there!!  LOL!!! I refrained from exclaiming, "You're not dead!!!", and invited them in for a few minutes. They were on a bike ride in the area and had just stopped by to say hi!! :)   :)
Yes, this was a very funny experience and will continue to tickle my funny bone for a few more days.   :)
[~of course- it IS still a very sad thing that a young boy somewhere lost his mother~  it's just obvious more than one "Nancy  & Henry" existed ]

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Kendy Jo said...

this is hilarious!:) Oh...isin't funny when we assume things or try to figure out situations that are just a little mysterious? Thanks for sharing the story!:)