Monday, February 7, 2011

Ice, snow, tea & emotions

 We are thankful for having kept our electricity during the massive ice/sleet/snow storm that came through the midwest late last week!!  We ended up with mostly ice and sleet, then later, three inches of snow. Saturday night, it snowed about 4 more inches!!  What a beautiful winter wonderland!!
Of course, with ice, sleet & snow, comes cancellations of "normal" activities and events. I hardly knew what to do with myself (and the kids) this week with no place to go. Yes, playing outside and spending time with children is nice, but we're a home school family and normally play/spend time together, so snow days don't hold much change for us at home.    :)   :) 
I enjoyed a tea party with Ashlyn Saturday.   :)  I love her "can do" attitude in life, and hope she stays that way! She had suggested having our own "girl party" after handing me a couple of old b'day plates - I have no idea where she found them. We baked cookies together, then fixed scrumptious berry hot tea. What a special time together. I thank God for my little girl.   :)   :)   :)

Today began a new week ... of no cancellations (so far). For whatever reason, my emotions/hormones(??) were haywire today, and I didn't feel like going anywhere. Staying home wasn't an option, however, so what transpired was an "out of it" mom on errands with children who got on her nerves. I've never claimed to be a perfect mother, I just pray I'm a good/decent one. After making a few stops and visiting one grocery store, I decided I didn't want to hear anymore begging for items in the store, or arguing in the van. While in the parking lot of another store, I totally changed my mind about going inside, and drove us all home. I then went straight to my room for a "time out".  Crying sometimes helps~~

I don't have an uplifting conclusion for this post, other than hope for a better day tomorrow.  I will need to eventually walk thru that fabric store's door to purchase additional fabric for my sewing project. The second sewing class is this Wednesday!

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Marcia and Joe said...

We get cancellations down here too. Maybe not as many as you but it happens. Even when we get just a little bit that you would laugh at. The overpasses ice up fast and no one slows down until they hit the ice. Spring isn't too far away!

Auntie M