Friday, January 21, 2011

It's late at night ... but school's on my mind :)

Today was quite a snowy day!! I am SO thankful to have an eleven year old who LOVES to shovel snow.   :)  Shoveling is one chore I don't ever have to remind him to finish. He comes inside for breaks, but always finishes the hard work on our long driveway ( half of the circle drive).  Richard was out of town yesterday & last night, then called today saying he needed to delay coming home one more night because of the snow.  We're anxious for his return tomorrow, and I'm so thankful I have an eleven year old son who loves to shovel!!    :)

Yes, CBS was canceled today, as was the teacher unit planning tomorrow morning (unit planning isn't done every week- more like quarterly or so). I took advantage of my time with laundry & cleaning of all things!  lol!  The children had a lighter day of school work since all other kids were enjoying a snow day, and I finished my curriculum plans for this semester.

While we have been enjoying Tapestry of Grace very much, I've been missing some "fun" literature. I visited Sonlight's website to look thru their 3rd & 5th grade readers' lists, and came away with some great recommendations. I painstakingly checked all the book titles through our library system (online, of course) to discover they had most of the titles-- Yay! I also use the library for our Tapestry books, though I think that next year I'll make several purchases instead.

I then visited Rainbow Resource online, to purchase some items for this new semester! RR is the one place I can usually find every single item I need. I found the piano books mentioned in my last post, Explode the Code, Apologia Science notebooks to go with our next Apologia Science book, Typing Instructor (Caleb especially needs to type since he hates writing), along with a few other home school items. Yes, I'm taking a plunge with implementing these "extras" into our already full schedule ... but I feel that learning to type and play the piano [or in our case- a keyboard] are very important skills that cannot be overlooked  or ignored any longer!!! It's time for me to take action, even if I'd rather not. I would rather just sit back and write on my blog .... but I have to be... a ...  teacher!!
Alright .... that's all for now.  Goodnight!!

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Kendy Jo said...

I really think your inspiration comes at night time hrs.;)
Just saying!(: lol