Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Oh my! I tend to do things the hard way.... LOL! After talking with my brother, Joe, I discovered that there is indeed an easier way to cook pumpkin!!! Following my previous pumpkin instructions, just leave the pan in the oven longer until you are able to scoop pumpkin out of the shell!! No need to cut the shell off that way. :) :)
Joe gave us 5 more pumpkins to cut, cook, and put up for pies! He reminds me of our Grandpa Pletcher. He gardens, cooks, bakes, and also succeeds with mechanical, techy, and electrical projects. He knows how to do a lot of different things (I could really learn from him!). The following birth order photo was taken during Thanksgiving in Indiana ... yes, I'm the youngest. :)
The Shelley cousins all had a great time together as usual ... everyone is growing up so quickly!

I have so much more to talk about regarding our trip, but will have to share more later. My kids are needing me!
~~Hope your Thanksgiving was very blessed with food and family - especially pumpkin pie! :) :) :)

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