Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oven woes ...

Well, I did not call the appliance man. My husband is too cool as a cucumber and told me to try turning on the oven again. What?? Even though something went "BOOM" the last time it was on? I squinted, carefully turned the oven knob... and waited.

I was thankful nothing exploded. :) :) lol. I might add that I've always had an electric range ... 'til moving to this house (took some getting used to gas).

This time, the oven thermometer matched the numbers on the range ... and then when I baked cookies to test it out, they actually turned out ok. They weren't completley "normal", but they were close to normal.
Prior last night's oven"boom" episode, the thermometer in the oven had been several degrees off, causing distress for my baking goods. Now, it's pretty normal (??) ..... I have never been more confused over an oven.
Since we cannot pin point any particular problem ... this mysterious, temperamental condition will most likely continue in my kitchen. So ... if you are planning to visit us or are looking forward to sampling some baked goods, be forewarned that anything now baked in my oven could potentially be unrecognizable (but not hazardous to any one's health).
Enough about my oven -- it's causing me to feel stressed. lol! :)

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Marcia and Joe said...

We had an oven pop like that in Indiana. It was your Grampa's and it happened on a holiday when everyone was over! Your Mom saved the day by using her oven. It turned out to be the heating element. It decided to retire.
Auntie M