Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy August!

What a great weekend spent with family and celebrating Caleb's 11th B'day! :) : ) Caleb and his friends (including cousin Winston from out of state) enjoyed cake and ice cream at our house before going bowling. They all had a wonderful time, and it's still so difficult to believe I have an eleven year old in our house!!!

We loved having Richard's brother's family at our house through the weekend ... the only thing I did not enjoy was having a temperamental oven. I ended up shopping at Sam's Club for some treats because everything I had baked in the oven crumbled to pieces after flipping it out of the baking pan. LOL! Yes, I had had a bad baking day. :) : ) In fact, this was the first year for me NOT to have made Caleb's b'day cake. I was extremely disappointed when it all happened (what a waste of time to bake for four hours, only for the items to not turn out or crumble on the counter. Believe me, I was upset. lol!! :) )

I'll come back to the oven in a minute ....

Both the girls and boys had a blast together over the weekend, and we're so glad we could have them! Matt & Stephanie went on a date Saturday during the party, so the girls and I spent some time together .... though it really was stifling hot outdoors and we stayed inside most of the time. :)

Then on Sunday evening, Richard took me on a date, leaving our kids with Matt & Stephanie. From the sounds of things, we were not missed one little bit. :) :)

Richard took me to the St. Louis Muny (check the link out), and it happened to be the last night for the season!! What a wonderful treat to be on a date with my man!! :) :) : ) We enjoyed the evening very much ... and were out LATE!! Everyone was asleep when we tip-toed home. :) :)

The next day (Monday), we all headed out to the zoo ... we later said our goodbyes and returned to real life at our home. lol! When people come to visit us, we often feel as if we are on vacation. :)
Now that the Sorrell August vacation is over ((lol)), I'm focusing my attention onto this coming school year! As stated in an earlier post, I will be home schooling all three children this year, and while I am slightly overwhelmed with the idea, I know that this is the best thing for our family and that if God has placed/renewed this desire in my heart, surely He will equip me to complete the task. I was encouraged recently with Isaiah 46:4: "... I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." Notice the word "sustain" is mentioned twice ... so He really must mean that!! : ) :) :)

We are all very excited about our school year (it's mom who's slightly overwhelmed--lol), and have our daily schedule half-way finished. I need to fill in the afternoon and evening slots for the children (and myself), so that we are purposeful with our time. Yes, we schedule in the free and play time too .... I've found that placing everything on a schedule works so much better than nagging. :) :)
[I'm including links to the Sources mentioned above and below--check the words (links) out]

That said, we aren't such rigid people that we'll be thrown off course by being off schedule an hour, or stress over interruptions in our day. The schedule serves as a tool in our house ... to keep us on track. :) :)

We have our curriculum set with Tapestry, Christian Light (math & some reading), Teaching Textbooks for Caleb, and Shurley English (to mention a few things).

Ok ... back to our oven. I was all set to use a temperamental oven (setting it on 400 degrees for it to bake at 350 degrees) ... but then something happened last night while I was fixing dinner. While the oven was trying to preheat, I heard a pretty good sized BOOM in the oven and could smell gas (we have a gas range). It scared me!! I turned the oven off and finished cooking dinner with the microwave. I guess we'll have to call the appliance guy out here again to figure out what's happening with our oven. When he was here last time, he didn't find anything wrong with it. UGH! Maintenance men can be frustrating (or maybe it's that ovens are frustrating).

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Kendy Jo said...

We had a great time and yes when people come to your house you feel like your on vacation and of course are sad when its over but if our whole life was a vacation what would our life be like?lol:)
I like your pictures ,especially the one of the girls on the sidewalk!:)So cute!
And I am glad they always have a great time together!:)
Makes me SMILE!!:)
I'm sure you're busy but try to check out my blog..I have a neat post about my "resurrected teeth!"

Love ya and have a great weekend!
Kendy Jo