Monday, August 9, 2010

B'days ...

While in Indiana, we celebrated our summer b'days with my side of the family. We hadn't ever done this before -- it was a lot of fun!! Nephew Brandon and Caleb were sung to at the same time were Antonin and cousin Andrew. :) :) All four boys have late July or August b'days (and they are ALL my parent's grandsons. Isn't that cool??). The boys did not seem to mind sharing the b'day song, candles, or CAKE!! Yum! We all had a nice time playing, talking, eating, fishing, and playing some more. :) Too bad all the granddaughters didn't share the same b'day months --they are spread throughout the year, so it wouldn't work to celebrate them together.... but then again, I'm sure something could be figured out. :)
Caleb will be turning eleven this year and experiencing his "Golden B'day"!! Eleven on the eleventh of August!! Plus, he will have his b'day on the day he was born (Wednesday).
: ) :) :) :) He is looking forward very much to his special day. He's been watching the mail closely, but I keep reminding him that we've already celebrated his day in IN ... and that Richard's side of the family may send their wishes with Uncle Matt & Aunt Stephanie this wknd (yes, they are coming to visit us). This weekend should be very fun and busy!!!
By the way, I often feel one-sided writing on this blog because no one ever "talks back". UGH! Please feel free to tell me all about yourself as well (email if you know me, of course). :) :) :) Occasionally, I'll talk to people about something and they'll say, "I already know ... I've read it on your blog." lol!! Or, they'll say that they feel they know me well from reading my blog. Well, I don't know who's reading this, so please don't be offended by my initial blank stare. :) :) :)
Anyhow ....back to this blog post .... :) :) :)
.... We have been making some decisions lately that have been a bit overwhelming (to me). Honestly, Richard is not effected by much of anything. He's cool as a cucumber in any situation. :)
Remember the Community Bible Study the children and I attended last year? Well, I was asked to consider helping in one of the preschool classes. I prayed and considered it ... and could never come up with a reason not to do it ... and said that I would join the Team. Today I found out that I will be in a classroom with two and three year olds along with two other teachers, so I'm not quite so nervous now. :) :) Eventually, I'll most likely have the three year olds since they split them up this year between the 2's and 4's b/c not enough teachers (?? long story). Our CBS Thursdays will begin bright and early ( 8:30am), and end mid-afternoon (2 pm), since I will still be participating in the Bible Study for the Core Leaders, which takes place after the "regulars" have had their Bible Study, picked up their kids, and gone home. [*Whew*, that was a run-on sentence, wasn't it?). My children participate in their regular CBS classes, then go to an "after care" location 'til I'm finished with the Core Bible Study (yes, we'll be taking our lunches--long day). We are all very EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) I'm thankful for this opportunity to serve and to give back what has been given to me for several years (in general). :)
The other newsy tid bit, is that I will be home schooling all three children via Tapestry of Grace curriculum. We are looking forward to this adventure together, and the children especially anticipate the co-op on Friday afternoons. Yes, our Thursdays and Fridays will be pretty busy-- A good busy, though! :) :) :) We will be studying Old Testament Prophets in our CBS study, which goes along nicely with our "Ancient History" in Tapestry. :)
The school we sent Caleb to last year is an excellent school, and we don't regret having sent him. However, sometimes parents change their minds for the good and benefit of their family and/or child (unique needs/situations).
Oh my!!! Look at the time!! I'm up way too late and really should be fast asleep by now.
I will share more about our school detail & plans, but not until next week since we have company this weekend--and an ELEVENTH B'DAY!!!

Have a wonderful night/day/however you interpret the clock. I'm hoping there aren't too many typos within this post .... *yawn* ..... ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Kendy Jo said...

Well I will leave a comment,A. Sara!:D
We're very excited to come visiting too!:)Can you believe its been almost a whole year since we've visited you guys!!WAY TOO LONG!!:)
We're excited about celebrating Caleb's b-day too!:)
I'm sorry not many people are commenting on your blog(my blog has the SAME problems),but I expect these problems.YOU on the other hand are a fantastic writer!:)
Well got to go eat lunch!
See ya soon!
Kendy Jo