Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick trip & allergies ...

We decided to take a quick trip to visit family in SW Missouri last weekend! We hadn't been in SW Missouri since Thanksgiving and unsure of hubby's upcoming work schedule (beyond May) ... so we thought even if the trip was a short one, it was time to see family! :)

How sweet to see cousins enjoy each other! :) :) [Our three with the Derek Probst cousins!]

[Ashlyn with two more cousins!] :) :) :)
During our quick weekend, the boys went on a long bike ride and spent quality "guy time" together, while the girls went garage saleing, shopping, and peppermint fudge pie eating. :) :)
Time with family never fails to go by too quickly -- in a blink of an eye! Before we knew it, we were traveling back to the Land of Lincoln with pleasant memories replaying in our minds ... and wondering when the next visit would be. :)
Illinois is slightly ahead of Missouri with the allergy season, so when we returned home my sneezing and coughing increased. This afternoon/evening, I was the worse I'd ever been with coughing and wheezing, and realized that I may possibly have allergy induced asthma. Not that I'm over-worried, I simply appreciate a great lapse in coughing/difficulty breathing --with the help of over-the-counter-allergy-meds! :) :) :) The symptoms concerned me enough to become more alert for the future. FYI: full-blown asthma attacks are not subdued with regular allergy antihistamines. People need to take care of themselves and take things seriously if coughing/ wheezing /tightening of chest becomes worse. Don't worry, I won't try to be my own doctor even though it appears that's what's happening here ... :)
Well, I still have mixed emotions regarding sending Caleb to private school. He was rewarded the straight A honor roll during 3rd quarter ... but then recently came home with a big, fat F on a Social Studies assignment. I have yet to figure out why teachers don't simply hand such a paper back to the student and ask them to re-do it. Caleb told me that he thought he had understood the directions, but it's quite obvious he did not (which explains why he did not ask the teacher any questions while completing the assignment). *sigh* ... I'd say that among other big strengths with home schooling, a home school parent is able to explain needed changes to assignments without effecting the student's self-esteem. There have also been some mean girls at school who call Caleb names and tease him periodically. A big positive with Caleb in school is that his motivation is slightly better. Having him in school also helps my work load with home schooling the younger two. That said, I still help Caleb a lot with his home work and wonder at times if there is really much difference between the two schooling worlds. This topic is worth talking about.... another time .... this is going to be a long post!! :) :) :) I pray God gives me the Wisdom I lack ...
Richard is headed to New York soon. Much is still unkown .... I was beginning to feel more confident with running the household in his absence (it takes convincing myself sometimes - lol) ... and then my allergy asthma problem butted in. I know that God is aware of my limitations ... I pray He will supply all my needs. :) I know that He will ... He always does ... :) :)
Also, I read thru my blog recently and noticed that I tend to talk a lot about needing wisdom and I sometimes give the impression that I don't want to "return" (from writing on blog) to life as a mom. Just to clarify: I have always longed to be a mom -- and LOVE being a mom!! My utterings on this blog are simply my genuine, open -- sometimes insecure-- thoughts within my season of motherhood/home schooling. All mothers have both joys and trials in their lives, I just happen to blurt mine to the world of bloggers. lol! :) :)

Well, I need to clean up the house, put my kiddos to bed, talk with my husband, and then work some on my assignment. Actually, this benedryl is making me very, verysleepy. My eyes just want to close, and I feel I'm drifting in and out of a sleepy state. I don't think I'll get much school work accomplished tonite ...
Goodnight! :)

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Kendy Jo said...

Just remember A. Sara :God is with you always,through all trials and temptations.The Lord has been REALLY teaching me how to trust Him with me being sick and all.:)I think I'm FINALLY getting better.:)lol;)
Hope your week goes good!!
His Servant,
Niece Kendy Jo