Monday, April 26, 2010

Just life

Why this blog distracts me from my school work, I'll never understand. hee hee ... :) :)
I was thinking about how wonderful it is having another yard worker old enough to mow!! Even though I'm sad my "little" boy is growing up so quickly, there are some perks that come with his age. :) :) I've always loved mowing the lawn, but have been giving my son the chore since there's so much other "stuff" to get done around the house or yard! Yay for my lawn mowing boy -- he has been doing a great job! :) :)

By the way (since my last post was on the subject of school), this first year of private schooling has been interesting for us. We all like Caleb's school in many ways, but not so well in others. My philosophy of education [life-long learning] is so different than most schools [hurry, hurry, memorize, forget everything after taking the test]. Also, there hasn't been much difference between home schooling Caleb and sending him to school when it comes to my time and effort prodding/encouraging him to get his work done. I can also tell that Caleb is getting tired. The other day, he KNEW his memory work, recited it to me before leaving for school, and then suddenly forgot while at school and received a failing grade for his memory work that day. There have also been a few other surprising grades I've wondered at [even with my checking his work and studying with him?!]! I don't make grades a big deal, but I want my son to do his best. So ... after some talking and observing, I've come to the conclusion that he is ready for summer vacation since he cannot recall anything he's learned all year. Just kidding. :) The nice thing with home schooling is that during these "spacing out" times, the paper can be corrected without the child feeling humiliated, which means s/he will retain the corrected information better. At school, there's such a high emphasis on grades (the kids compare/talk about their grades, etc.), that if a child gets a bad mark, s/he feels quite embarrassed and may not even remember the corrected information. Caleb has done very well in school -- he's just tired. He is also very sensitive about his grades and prays every night for God to help him at school (his own initiative) ... *sigh* ... being a mom is quite a challenge! :( :( I have my frustrations with private schooling, but this is probably not the place to share those complaints. lol! :)
Yes, frustrations and problems abound no matter if one home schools, private schools, or public schools! The key is to saturate everything in prayer ... I'm praying ...


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Kendy Jo said...

YES,praying is something we can always do,thank God!!:)
Hope everything works out for you and hope me AND Caleb get refreshing this summer.:D