Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thought I would share this cute pic of my daughter during craft time at a Florida library. :) :)
Yes, we are back home now, trying not to yearn for Florida.
This past week has kept me very busy ... all the usual household stuff ... working on my school assignments ... making sure I have all the paper work needed for Caleb's school ....etc., etc., etc.
During the end of our trip, I heard from my mother that she was going to be having some tests done. Nothing serious at this point, but cause for concern. She's in my prayers.
I really didn't have much to say this time. I need to return to my nightly assignment. :)
I'm nearly finished with this "Articles I" class. I am hoping to finish before the boys' birthdays or the start of their school year --whichever comes first I suppose. :) :) :) This writing class has been a good challenge for me; I have enjoyed it so much! I will be taking a break soon, however, so that Richard can work toward taking his CFE exam. I'll have more thoughts on this another time. :) :) :)

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Kendy Jo said...

Hi A> Sara,I hopre your doing good.I am!
I just wanted to tell you I changed my blog URL.

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-Kendy Jo