Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strange things happenin' at our house

I'm not sure what's going on at our house....but the ants have returned. Remember that story I wrote of the teeny tiny ants marching two by two into our house? Well, after writing that story, they all disappeared for a time and I put off buying any "Terro" ant killer. Perhaps they have Internet access and read the story about themselves on this blog?? Hmm....highly unlikely. Anyhow, they have returned in large numbers and have brought along the HUGE, aggressive ants with them! Two days ago, I found large black ants racing down my cabinet doors, heading toward the dinner I was fixing. I covered the food and began a major killing spree which drew a crowd. "Whatcha doin' mom??" the kids wanted to know. "I'm killing ants!!! They are so horrible! Look...there's another one!" It was a race keeping up with those little guys, squashing them one at a time. The children got into the action too, although they were grabbing the ants, squeezing them onto the counter to get a closer look. "Drop the ants to the floor and KILL them!!!" I loudly encouraged (I have this personal thing with bugs).
By the time Richard arrived home from West Virginia, most of the ants had disappeared again, but this time I wasn't going to be fooled. We bought some Terro ant killer (heh, heh, heh)! :)
After coming home from church today, the small ants were swarming into the traps by the back door, and the big, large aggressive ants were making a trail up and down my kitchen cabinet to swarm into the trap on the kitchen counter (far enough away from where I cook food). I had to refrain from killing the ants ( crawling on my cabinet! yuck!!), knowing they were taking the poison back to their nest. I sure hope this terro stuff works!!! I'll let you know!!!
Besides the swarm of ants in our house, a black widow spider was sitting on the kitchen floor, waiting near the terro trap. I'm not sure if it was waiting to eat some ants, or if it preferred the terro flavor! Richard swiftly killed it (thank God) before I actually noticed what kind of spider it was. : ) : ) : )
So... besides the black widow spider and the swarm of teeny tiny and large ferocious ants, we have happy, chirpy crickets all through the house we are killing--one- at- a- time. Caleb is a really good cricket catcher. Whenever I see a cricket, I call Caleb into the room, and he always catches them--every time! I tell the boys to kill the critters, but they prefer flushing them down the toilet. I don't interfere....I don't care HOW the crickets leave our house , I just want them GONE! No, crickets do not scare me (neither do ants), but they are the most annoying little creatures on the face of the earth. You will know what I mean if you read my little poem about the song of the cricket. :) I don't know if I can write a poem about ants. They are so disgusting.
Okay...enough about yucky bugs. :) : ) I need to go fix my creepy, crawly kitchen. Ick. I can't wait until the terro wipes the whole nation of ants out! I just hope it doesn't draw anymore black widow spiders. The best part of watching the busy ants, is knowing that the ants have no clue what they are carrying back to their nest. heh, heh, heh....

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